Sikhs saved from racial bias

In what could have become a potential racism-related problem, a security firm involved in the organisation of the forthcoming Rugby World Cup is being praised for its positive steps towards race relations.

Sikh Council of New Zealand has expressed appreciation towards First Security for their prompt action to contain the fallout of a miscommunication reportedly sent out by a staff member as part of a recruitment drive.

First Security is one of the agencies involved in the organisation of Rugby World Cup. The miscommunication reportedly indicated that First Security did not want practising Sikhs to apply for jobs advertised by it due to their turban.

However the company’s general manager, Mike Rutherford, successfully intervened.

“We greatly appreciate Mr Rutherford’s offer to personally shepherd the affected candidates through First Security’s recruitment process,” says Mr Verpal Singh, secretary of the Sikh Council.

“We also take this opportunity to stress the need for all New Zealanders to work together to make Rugby World Cup a spectacular success and bring laurels to New Zealand both on and off the field.”



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