Sponsored child embarks on brighter future

A LinkedIn search for her name brings up a profile that describes Esther as senior associate at Ernst & Young, a global professional services firm. This may not strike as a major achievement for a 25-year old until you learn that Esther could have been one of the millions of poverty-stricken Indian children who never complete their primary education.

Esther Azariah’s story took a turn for the better, thanks to her grit, and her Kiwi sponsors, who financially supported her during her education. While many sponsors get an opportunity to visit the country where their sponsored child is studying, Esther is visiting New Zealand to meet her sponsors.

Esther will be giving a free talk as part of The Compassion Tour at Auckland’s Indian CLC (Christian Life Centre) on Sunday 29 April at 6pm.

Born and raised in India’s software city of Bangalore, Esther was sponsored since the age of five as the family was burdened by the heavy debts incurred to pay her two sisters’ dowry – an illegal practice to pay money in matrimony. The situation was compounded when her family’s small business collapsed. Shortly after, Esther became a sponsored child and went on to complete both primary and secondary school.

Esther is travelling abroad for the first time to meet her Wellington based sponsor parents Gordon and Sonia Hadfield who are thrilled: “It’s not every day you have your sponsor child come to your country; usually it’s the other way around. We can’t wait to meet Esther!”

TEAR Fund events organiser, Megan Claxton, who is looking forward to the tour, says: “Esther is a remarkable young lady that has achieved so much in her life.”

The free event is one of the many hosted by NZ Aid and Development Agency, TEAR Fund. Details of other free events featuring Esther are available here


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